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                                                      Fungicide & Disease

 In Savannah we are known for our humidity. The humidity and warm temperatures are perfect elements to cause fungus to begin in any lawn.

  Large Patch, Grey leaf spot, Fairy ring, and Dollar spot are the types of fungus we see most.

  Disease can often be controlled by watering at the proper time of day. We recommend to start watering your lawn in the early morning hours of 1 - 2 AM so that your lawn will be dry no later than noon. Water remaining on the blades of grass after the sun is hot work like a magnifying glass allowing Grey leaf spot to start.

   Overwatering can be just as harmful to your lawn as under-watering. Our team can assist you with watering guidelines for your specific lawn.


Large Patch


Grey Leaf Spot & Webworm damage


Fairy Ring


Dollar Spot